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Caurel belongs to the Natura 2000 network is a priority area for birds and is included in the recovery plan for grizzly bears in Galicia. These figures of protection give an objective notion of environmental value of Caurel.

Due to differences in altitude, between 350 and 1639 meters, diversity of soils, calcareous and siliceous, and its location between two climate worlds, the Mediterranean of Southern and the Atlantic of North , the Courel, at just over 20,000 Ha it reaches a unparalleled levels of biodiversity in European mountain areas.

All types of trees that exist in Galicia are here, and with them 23 species of orchids, 123 species of birds, or 23 of bats, but also the wolf and, with increasing frequency, the bear. A boundless world of butterflies and species unique of beetles inhabit in the caves dark.

Caurel is synonymous with biodiversity.

This impressive biodiversity extends over deep valleys and mountains creating unique landscapes.

Landscapes great as the “devesas”, the “soutos” with their villages, extensions of colorful heather in spring or rivers dominated by the indomitable Lor. But small landscapes also, such as karst mossy rocks, waterfalls and streams, or the trunks of thousand shapes of ancient chestnut trees.

Landscapes that, front the monochromatic Galicia of eucalyptus and pine, change with the seasons. There are a thousand Caureles in Caurel, thousand Caureles in space but also thousand Caureles in time.

But what makes the Caurel definitely a unique place is the human footprint, present in these mountains since prehistoric times. Here appeared the oldest human remains of Galicia (10,000 years) and with them the earliest remains of aurochs, the primeval cow. All in the same cave, the first Galician and the first cow.

Then came the celts settlements and can say that for every village there is a fort. With the Romans the explotation the gold mines, the campsite is set on one of them. In this time it begun to expansion of chestnut that continuing today with soutos surrounding each village. Villages that are an example of mountain architecture. The middle age left its mark on churches and chapels with Carbedo Castle. And in the last few centuries the forges.

A tangible and intangible heritage that is at the height of the natural heritage that has the Caurel.

“Courel is the biggest reserve green in Galicia”
“Courel, treasure of biodiversity”
“O Courel, range mountain of borders”

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