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Products from Caurel.



The potatoes come from the Cutela. Chard and turnip greens for our pies and scrambled come from Esperante and PiƱeira. The sausages are make with the pigs that Pepe breeding with vegetables, barley and chestnuts. The beef supply us the local butchers. Hunting, hunters Caurel, and when they do not have, we bring hunting the Montes de Toledo. The artisanal cheeses from Forcas Veiga. The range eggs, so rare and appreciated, come from many of our villages, from Seoane to Romeor. But when you can not supply from the Sierra del Caurel, we continue using products of the mountain. So the trouts come from Baralla and some of our sausages come from Oribio in Samos. And the chestnuts, Whence will come the chestnuts in Caurel?

With all these products we prepare the simple dishes that make our menu.

To increase our culinary offerings, while we are deepening in the roots of our country, in 2012 we built a wood oven. The oven is fully integrated into the outside of the bar, so you can see and enjoy all the traditional cooking process.
Roasted piglets come from Horreos. We also make the pie how before, most notably the pie of chards typical of Caurel. And of course, the bread. Check out the bread from the oven fills us with indescribable sensations although this is repeat it day after day.

And every time we cook, with leftover dough, Maribel makes fried bread how the fried bread that her grandmother gave her when she was a girl .! You have to try it!

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